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  Watch Your Back Shoveling Tips  posted 2/27/19

We’ve had quite a few patients call this morning about sore backs from shoveling and snow blowing. Here’s some great snow removal tips to help prevent back and neck injuries:

Don't Twist
The main idea is to prevent your back from twisting and rounding forward. You should only push straight ahead of you and stand up almost straight. When you get to the end, lift the snow straight ahead of you, over the pile using your legs. It may not be the fastest way to shovel, but it's the least damaging to the low back.

Lighten Your Load
Instead of lifting big heavy shovelfuls of snow, try smaller loads with more frequent passes. Remember to push rather than lift.

Ergonomic Shovel
We recommend using one of those ergonomic angled shoves that lets you stand straighter when pushing. You can get these at most hardware and retail stores. The tradeoff is that since you are already more upright you won't be able to lift very much.

Stretching Before and After
Do a little stretching before and after shoveling. You should do all-over stretching but at the very least focus on stretching the low back, hamstrings and quadriceps.

Don't Shovel
The best tip is instead of shoveling use a snow blower, or better yet get someone else to do the shoveling. It might cost some money, but it will save your back. And no, I won't come over and help shovel.

See Your Chiropractor
Keeping your spine mobile and aligned is the best way to prevent injuries, and or recover from an injury if you do get hurt. Keeping up with regular wellness visits is the key.

Hot Chocolate
My favorite. It may not help with your back, but it should help make the entire process a little more enjoyable.

Hope these tips will help you out this winter. If you have any questions and or need to get in for an appointment, don’t hesitate to give me a call/email today. 

Your friend in health,

Dr. Steven T. Cass

Thank you for your referrals.












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