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  MN State Fair Survival Tips  posted 8/23/19

MN State Fair

The MN State Fair is here at last. Here are some healthy back tips to help you enjoy "The Great Get Together". I have learned from a lot of patients over the years, that a day at the fair can be tough on the body. I am not talking about the stomach, but the low back especially.

Tip#1. Good shoes are a must. Don't think fashion, think comfort. Shoot for a cross-trainer type of shoe with lots of cushion. Most of the fair is walking around on a hard street and sidewalk, so cushion is key.

Tip#2. Take frequent rest breaks. There are a lot of places to sit at the fair, so take advantage of them! At least take a 10 minute break every hour. With all the good people watching you will probably want to sit longer.

Tip#3. Along with the rest breaks, do some light stretching. Find a nice grassy area and sit down and stretch. Don't just stretch your legs but upper body too. If you feel self-conscious about stretching in public, don't worry, no one will look twice at you. If they do happen to look your way, they will probably start stretching too.

Tip#4. Eat lots of mini donuts. Okay, this one probably won't help with your back but it should make everyone feel a little better☺.

Tip#5. Drink plenty of water. There are lots of free drinking fountains and water stations all around the fair. Bring your own bottle with you or reuse your cups.

Have fun at the fair! Give me a quick call or email for your pre or post MN State Fair Chiropractic treatment.

Your friend in health,

Dr. Steven T. Cass












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