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This month's health article is a reprint from an an older publication. To have Dr. Cass speak or write for your group or publication, please contact our office.

by Dr. Steven T. Cass

We are bombarded every day with new ways to lose weight, get healthy, feel better, look better, have more energy, etc. all without having to do anything except buy this simple product. Well sorry folks, there’s no quick fix. Basic healthy living habits like exercise, eating right, reducing stress (mental and physical), and adequate rest are the keys. Your next question is "how does Chiropractic fit into the basics?". Chiropractic is a great way to help with the basics. Honestly, I would put Chiropractic care in as a mandatory adjunct to the basics. Without Chiropractic care you simply can not do all the above outlined basics to their fullest.

All of the basic living habits require the body to be functioning as well as possible, and that is why Chiropractic care is so important. It can easily be argued that even if you eat right, your body may not be utilizing the food if the neurological pathways from your spine to your stomach aren’t working properly due to spinal Subluxations. Chiropractic should really be the first thing you do in getting “back” to the basics.






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