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Dr. Steven Cass has over 20 years of clinical experience. He has worked as an associate, as a member of a medical multi-specialty health team, and in private practice. He uses his clinical experience, knowledge and skills to deliver evidence-based treatments and recommendations to patients. Ultimately, achieving best possible outcomes.

Dr. Steven CassDr. Cass was honored as an Official Chiropractor to the 2013 UnitedHealthcare US OPEN Racquetball Championships in Minneapolis. "It was quite an honor to be selected as one of the Official Chiropractors servicing some of the top athletes in the world. It was very exciting to combine my passion for Chiropractic and athletics."

Dr. Cass grew up in St. Louis Park, and currently lives in Golden Valley. He stays very active himself, practicing what he preaches. He participates in many sports and activities including weightlifting, mountain biking, and hiking. Dr. Cass is even a part-time professional musician.

"When your body is working like it's supposed to, you are not only able to do more, you want to do more. At 52, I'm easily in better shape now, than when I was in high school."

"I utilize evidence based techniques and protocols to get people not only feeling better but functioning better. Everyday, I see more and more real research to back up the efficacy and cost benefits of Chiropractic Care. More importantly, I see it working everyday with my patients, family and friends."

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