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Your First Visit

  Just in case you're feeling a little nervous about that "First Visit", this page will give a typical scenario of what to expect. Please remember, everyone's situations and circumstances are unique, and therefore, any information on this page or website should not be taken as a diagnosis or treatment plan for your condition.

Typically, a patient will call a day or two ahead of time for an appointment. Same day appointments are often available, but it is best to call ahead for your preferred time. For the first visit, we have patients plan on about an hour for the doctor to do a thorough examination, and still have time to treat the patient if indicated.

We like our new patients to arrive 15 minutes earlier than scheduled just to fill out a brief new patient form, and any required insurance forms. Next, the doctor will ask about your current and past health problems, followed by a thorough examination. This examination usually involves standard tests like blood pressure, pulse, etc. Plus, we do range of motion tests, orthopedic tests, muscle testing, postural analysis, neurological examination, and any other tests deemed necessary. Sometimes x-rays are indicated to further evaluate your condition and we will discuss options with you. If the doctor has enough information, we will usually treat you on the same day.

Before any treatment begins, the doctor will explain the recommended treatment and treatment plan. The main treatment used by chiropractors is the "chiropractic adjustment". This is commonly a painless procedure where the chiropractor gently moves the joints that aren't moving correctly or that are not aligned properly, into place. The doctor will explain all this in detail before we begin the treatment (see our "what is chiropractic" section). The doctor may or may not use any combination of therapies like electrical stimulation, ice, or trigger point therapy to help with the chiropractic adjustment and improve healing.

The doctor will then send you home with further instructions like icing protocols, ergonomic ideas, exercises, and or other things to help speed healing while away from the chiropractic office.

Remember this is just a general outline, but hopefully this helps familiarize you with what to expect on your first day here.

As always, if you have any questions, please call our office at 763-444-1216.



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